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Tailored Shirt Online is een jong en dynamisch bedrijf met twee enthousiaste eigenaren. Deze twee jonge ondernemers Steven en Merly delen hun passie voor overhemden op maat. In 2009 ontstond het idee voor deze eigen onderneming en daarmee de zoektocht naar het "perfecte" maatoverhemd. Op deze tocht langs ateliers en fabrieken in Europa en Zuid-Oost Azie zijn de plannen verder uitgewerkt en het bedrijf gevormd zoals het nu is.

From today it is possible to Tailored Shirt Online your "perfect" custom shirt online to draw from € 49.95

The custom shirts are made in our workshop by hand. This workshop has been run by the same family for several generations and have been suppliers of renowned brands worldwide.

Handmade to order custom shirts quickly and easily www.tailoredshirtonline.nl

Classic, Stylish and Trendy.

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Tailored Shirt Online

General Manager: Hans van Peer

CoC registration number: 51389622 0000
VAT number: NL 1405.66.296.B01

Tailored Shirts Online: introduction

Tailored Shirts Online is a young and dynamic company with two enthusiastic owners. These two young entrepreneurs, Steven and Merly, share their passion for tailored shirts. In 2009 the idea of the company came up and with it was born the search for the "perfect" tailored shirt. This ultimately led to collaboration with a leading studio that supplies men's clothes to renowned brands worldwide. And we are immensely proud of that. We stand by our product and only supply top quality tailored shirts from the best cottons.

Vision & ambition

As an online store for men's clothes we want to serve every professional adequately. Venturing out to visit a fashion store is no longer necessary. The time that would be spent on that can be utilized better. We want to support our customer in every possible way and therefore offer him the possibility to create a tailored shirt by himself. Our prices are easily affordable, which remains our principle now and for future. This way our clients can buy a tailored shirt within our online store for men's clothes for the price of ready-made clothes. Our tailored shirts are stylish and have a perfect cut and fit. Each tailored shirt is made by hand in our studio. The studio has been supplying clothing for generations to established top global brands. At Tailored Shirts Online you can order a tailored shirt for as little as € 49,00.

Casual meets Corporate

At Tailored Shirt Online we focus on the busy man with his own vision of clothing; from young urban professionals to the modern man with classic tastes. Our starting point is that every man should be able to easily succeed when looking for a tailored shirt with a personal twist. Our tailored shirts reflect the needs of our target audience as much as possible. We supply tailored shirts that will fit perfectly into both the casual and the corporate ambiance.

Tailored Shirt Online: online men's clothing store for shirts tailored to the contemporary and fashion-conscious professional.


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