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€ 17,50

Milano, brown

€ 17,50

Milano, sky blue

€ 17,50

Milano, lime

€ 17,50

Milano, lavender

€ 17,50

Milano, cobalt blue

€ 17,50

Milano, salmon

€ 17,50

Milano, magenta

€ 17,50

Milano, purple

Milano, brown
Article Number: 100.001
Length: 150 cm
Width: 8 cm
Material: 100% zijde

€ 17,50

Tailored Shirt Online offers a collection of fashionable, contemporary silk ties that perfectly match each designed custom shirt.

Buy ties online

There is a matching tie for any occasion. Tailored Shirt Online's 100% silk ties seamlessly combine with any outfit. Silk is a luxurious natural product. We do not use polyester to produce our silk ties. This is to ensure the quality of our products to our customers.

Combining tailored shirts with silk ties

Tailored Shirt Online works exclusively with natural materials. Therefore our tailored shirts consist of 100% finest cotton fabrics. Our ties are not left behind; by using silk you can create a sublime and/or a stalwart outfit meant for the contemporary man. You can choose to match your tie with your tailored shirt, or to contrast it, giving you a contemporary look.
Of course finding a matching silk tie for your custom shirt within Tailored Shirt Online is easy, but that is not all; our prices will surprise you too! Our aim is to offer affordable prices to our customers, because that is what makes Tailored Shirt Online to be of interest to them.

Silk ties online

Nothing is as easy as to buy silk ties online. You no longer need to physically visit a fashion store to buy ties. Select your tie online and have it delivered to your home within a few days. You can buy a tie at Tailored Shirt Online even if you do not order a tailored shirt!

Washing your silk tie

Do not wash a silk tie by hand or in a machine. Always have it dry cleaned.

Give a tie

When buying a silk tie to give to a family member or friend, you can pick one yourself at the same time. But you can also choose to buy a coupon at Tailored Shirt Online. Thus the recipient of the tie coupon can pick a tie to his taste! You can order the necktie coupon in our menu and add a personal message to it.

Do you want to buy a tie coupon or a silk tie online now? Visit our tie collection!


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